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Neiva is a side scrolling platformer featuring classical 2D gameplay with 3D graphics. Neiva strives to provide fresh platform gameplay with a projectile teleportation mechanic, while also appealing to the nostalgic platform gamer. All this is set in a vibrant world where the player has to use timing and precision to navigate through hazards. The graphics are colorful, simplistic and details; and the style of the textures will focus on a hand painted look.

The game was made for a school project and was produced in 8 weeks by six students in 2016. We planned to continue the development of this game by adding new levels and develop the core mechanics but later decided to cancel the project. We are now uploading it here on itch.io for other people to enjoy.

An Xbox 360 controller is recommended but you can also use your mouse and keyboard. The controls for mouse and keyboard are as following: Run left and right with the keys A and D, jump with Spacebar, aim with the mouse, shoot and teleport to the projectile with the left mouse button. Change between different projectiles with 1, 2 and 3, and pause the game by pressing Esc.

We hope you like it!


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I like it!

A Kiss For You


really enjoyed playing this one 


Neiva is a cute game but, a bit of a hard puzzle solver I think it makes it 10 times more difficult that I tried this on keyboard instead of controller which 

I believe the game is intended for.

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Sorry that the controls for mouse and keyboard weren't described in the game. The intended controller was by using an Xbox 360 controller. You can change between projectiles with the keys 1, 2 and 3 on the keyboard. We added a description for that now in the text. Thanks for playing anyway! Hope you give it another shot :)

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hi any chance to share the code source or to sell i want to keep developing the game or reskin it let me know please


While it's a shame it won't see further development, Neiva is still a genuinely fun time. With so much work having been put into it, it could serve as a very solid foundation for a full game. From the simple to solve, yet occasionally challenging to execute puzzles, to the eye pleasing art style it has going on, there was nothing I didn't enjoy about it. Even without a story being told, the adventure itself was enjoyable, feeling like a light hearted trip through an increasingly troubled land. And the teleportation mechanic, while likely best suited for keyboard & mouse, works really well. The swappy power was a bit jarring with just how instant it was, but it felt very polished.

Good job on this, dev.

This is fantastic! I always worry that teleportation mechanics can trivialize certain aspects of 2d/2.5d platformers, but building the whole game around that mechanic has really paid off!